What’s Your Opinion?


Everyone is a debater at heart. Hidden just below the surface of our happy, reserved beings lies in wait a passionate orator, prepared to preach to their ill prepared audience the one, true view of any event they find of interest. Pour a few pints into a couple of friends in a pub and their next appearance can be witnessed on Question Time, scolding politicians with righteous exuberance. To be without opinion is not to live, for we are a thinking race, and all should indeed be passionate about the greater picture which effects our lives.

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A New Drug in Town


With another daily bout of mindless internet browsing, a thought occurred to me whilst amusing myself with an assortment of videos: the majority I found had been shortened to just a few seconds. With the recent attention brought to the vine app in the past year, there was little surprise that Facebook as ever would finally catch up. However what got me thinking was how these shortened videos now appear to have become the norm. People around the world are cramming what could essentially make a five minute video into all of seven seconds or so, forcing out about a second of storyline and then thrashing the viewer with a few seconds of obvious puns and comedy. And yet, when we’re given the choice between watching one of these little clips were you can grab a quick sharp-nose-exhalation-laugh or a full, well planned three minute video to the same effect, it’s obvious which we will choose.

So since when did three minutes become such a long time?

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Another Mile To The Smile

Living near to London has taught me one thing: social interaction with strangers of any kind is strictly prohibited. I learnt this fact the fast way, when saying anything but an awkward British ‘sorry’ to a fellow Underground passenger resulted in a look of shock and confusion. In fact a simple acknowledgement of a particularly intriguing headline on the Metro is considered justification for moving two carriages along, or even abandoning ship prematurely at the next stop.


A friend of mine said seemingly all too truthfully that only ‘crazy people’ talk to strangers in London. Unfortunately for my faith in humanity this does indeed seem to be the case, with the only decent conversation I’ve managed with someone their deriving from a man’s sporadic insistence on  me reading a book that ‘opened his eyes and changed his life’, whilst I was queuing at a fast food restaurant (I still haven’t got round to that…).

‘But why does this make him the ‘crazy person’?

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I’m Different, I Swear

Ah, so once more the topic turns to Facebook. Well what else is there for us to discuss nowadays? Today Zuckerberg’s friendly website is omniscient, the modern day Stalin seeing and hearing all in every part of Western culture. Somewhat of an aggravation that has been prominent to me ever since I first filled out my details on that dreaded site however is peoples insistence on recording every single aspect of their life for others to see. At first I thought it was born simply from sheer boredom, people wishing to communicate with their friends about their days or simply account for themselves what they have done. However, as I continued to witness the rather dull lives of my friends spilling forth an ongoing trend and resulting notion began to form.

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This is not an original post


Everybody wants to be original. From the modern day hipster searching for some out of reach, fashionable-yet-abstract look to the virtual blogger seeking to find a new niche to exploit and have their voice known, every individual wants to leave their own personal mark.

Unfortunately, with seven billion people alone living today, not to mention the countless individuals that have existed before, this is somewhat difficult to achieve. Originality is a rare accomplishment today. From as far back as research allows us, we have found evidence of stories being told, inventions being made and seemingly every thought process to induce something creative having been run through another’s minds, or even accomplished before our own births. This is a somewhat frightening thought for me. Regardless of how expansive the human imagination is (according to Vsauce on YouTube 1.458 x 10227 ‘total’ thoughts throughout time), there is surely a limit to the amount of outright new material we have to work with or compose.

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My Music’s Better Than Your Music


Music is a wonderful part of this small planet we call home. It can reflect our every mood, cause memories of times long past to come flooding back to the fore and even help you to focus on any number of tasks and obstacles you have to overcome in life. There are hundreds of different genres and millions of different artists out there; enough variety to encapsulate everyone’s interest and passion at some point.

So why is my music better than yours?

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You Don’t Have to Change The World You Know


Inspiration. Motivation. Mobilisation.

You’re living in a world without limits. Technology is surging on, new jobs are being created and people are seemingly constantly changing life as we know it. Bill Gates dropped out of college, not taking his studies seriously, yet even he went on to become a multi-billionaire creating software used the planet-over.

So what’s stopping you?

Everywhere you look today, be it in the media, education, advertising, you’re told that any one of us can make a difference, go on to make our riches and be remembered and known by all. Well that’s true. But it irritates me.

Today you’re told by so many that with just some hard work and ingenuity you can be ‘great’, to the extent that should you fail this you feel as though you have wasted your entire life and haven’t managed to succeed. Countless people lie on their deathbeds regretting the lives they’ve lived, how they never had the money to travel the world, or didn’t have the time to train enough to make their name in their youthful sport. But the hard fact of the matter is that not everyone can make a difference.

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