Envy the Envy

envy9.jpgIt occurred to me the other day that I find the aggravating clutches of jealousy at the most annoying of times. I see someone achieving, perhaps delving successfully into a passion I too share with them, and alongside feeling great for them I feel deep in my gut a clutching jealousy that I have not also done the same. It can happen with anyone, and typically only when they’ve accomplished something which I am yet to do too, (I’m not quite so bad as to feel annoyance towards someone for doing the same as I have!). Continue reading


What’s Your Opinion?


Everyone is a debater at heart. Hidden just below the surface of our happy, reserved beings lies in wait a passionate orator, prepared to preach to their ill prepared audience the one, true view of any event they find of interest. Pour a few pints into a couple of friends in a pub and their next appearance can be witnessed on Question Time, scolding politicians with righteous exuberance. To be without opinion is not to live, for we are a thinking race, and all should indeed be passionate about the greater picture which effects our lives.

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