A New Drug in Town


With another daily bout of mindless internet browsing, a thought occurred to me whilst amusing myself with an assortment of videos: the majority I found had been shortened to just a few seconds. With the recent attention brought to the vine app in the past year, there was little surprise that Facebook as ever would finally catch up. However what got me thinking was how these shortened videos now appear to have become the norm. People around the world are cramming what could essentially make a five minute video into all of seven seconds or so, forcing out about a second of storyline and then thrashing the viewer with a few seconds of obvious puns and comedy. And yet, when we’re given the choice between watching one of these little clips were you can grab a quick sharp-nose-exhalation-laugh or a full, well planned three minute video to the same effect, it’s obvious which we will choose.

So since when did three minutes become such a long time?

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