Another Mile To The Smile

Living near to London has taught me one thing: social interaction with strangers of any kind is strictly prohibited. I learnt this fact the fast way, when saying anything but an awkward British ‘sorry’ to a fellow Underground passenger resulted in a look of shock and confusion. In fact a simple acknowledgement of a particularly intriguing headline on the Metro is considered justification for moving two carriages along, or even abandoning ship prematurely at the next stop.


A friend of mine said seemingly all too truthfully that only ‘crazy people’ talk to strangers in London. Unfortunately for my faith in humanity this does indeed seem to be the case, with the only decent conversation I’ve managed with someone their deriving from a man’s sporadic insistence on  me reading a book that ‘opened his eyes and changed his life’, whilst I was queuing at a fast food restaurant (I still haven’t got round to that…).

‘But why does this make him the ‘crazy person’?

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