I’m Different, I Swear

Ah, so once more the topic turns to Facebook. Well what else is there for us to discuss nowadays? Today Zuckerberg’s friendly website is omniscient, the modern day Stalin seeing and hearing all in every part of Western culture. Somewhat of an aggravation that has been prominent to me ever since I first filled out my details on that dreaded site however is peoples insistence on recording every single aspect of their life for others to see. At first I thought it was born simply from sheer boredom, people wishing to communicate with their friends about their days or simply account for themselves what they have done. However, as I continued to witness the rather dull lives of my friends spilling forth an ongoing trend and resulting notion began to form.

It appears today that it is those most avidly using Facebook who wish to prove to others that they are doing something, well, other than Facebook. It’s as though they wish to display to the world how much they are socialising, seeking celebration for making the effort of leaving their homes and the clutches of their bedrooms. ‘Charlotte’s catching up with the girlies!’ (Pause for heavily photo-shopped image of a couple of frothy mugs. Christ).

This insistence on informing everyone bored enough to scroll idly down their Newsfeeds of every detail of their personal lives is not only born from this however. People want to prove to everyone that they’re different from ‘the main crowd’. I Hipster+Whales.+if+dipping+your+fingers+in+jello+and+pretending_4233bf_4139049noticed this most at my University when a group of girls decided to put on the Breakfast Club, (a classic film for any 80s teen lovers wishing to see it stuck to the man!) and I was subsequently bombarded with a dozen screenshots over Facebook and Snapchat. Now older films are no new news to me, I enjoy a number of movies from all times, yet for these girls the break from modern film needed to be almost celebrated. Others needed to be informed that these girls weren’t like the normal modern day people, stuck in the closed eye lock of CGI and decent quality. No, these girls could appreciate a classic.

What annoys me is that it’s all so fake.

You can appreciate a good film, catch up with old friends or, heaven forbid, eat at a restaurant without informing anyone who has the misfortune to see of it! It’s peacocking in the most needless way, you might as well celebrate the fact you woke up that morning having successfully respired through another night as much as that you paid for food to be laid down before you. (In fact I have one person who does frequently insist on telling us all how he has to wake up early for work. It’s a job, no one cares). Personally I base no merit on someone’s Facebook page, I couldn’t care less if their latest status had no likes or a hundred. People need to stop celebrating everyday aspects of life and be rest assured we all understand they are indeed living as every other human does. But hey, call me old fashioned.


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