Cloudy with a chance of conversation


Ah, the British weather. An ever-changing cycle of rain, cloud and the odd dash of sun we can revel in between. But why is it that we hold so much importance in but one of the many timeless aspects of the Earth? Nigh on every day of my life I must have made some sort of remark on the weather. It has reached the extent that it has become somewhat of a greeting between strangers, a simple comment on the ‘bloody miserable rain’, or the ‘pretty sunny’ morning, acting as an icebreaker into conversation for any and whomever you meet. In fact, it has reached a point now where I feel a conversation has become mindless and born almost purely out of courtesy if the subject is turned towards the sky.

But why the ‘bloody’ weather? Is it because it is ever-changing day by day, allowing us mere spectators something new to comment on? Perhaps it is because we may find trends, either for the better or worse, offering hope that they will continue or finally change, but ultimately bringing joy to us. But surely if this is the case could we not then speak of, say, the V.A.T increase, or interest rates, as a point of mutual effect? These are both variable factors affecting our lives. Why is it then that we immediately go to the weather to draw a conversation up out of the awkward shallows of silence? Continue reading