iPads, Action Men, and a generation of solitude.

iphone prisonIt dawned on me the other day whilst a family friend visited with his daughter that today’s children are becoming truly lost in the ever increasing, all-consuming world of technology. This girl is 12 years old, and already has a mobile phone, iPod, Kindle Fire and laptop to her name, something I can only accredit to my most recent years. Throughout the entirety of her visit she was imprisoned by the artificial glare of each of these screens, idly scrolling through Facebook or launching green pigs at some rather irregular scaffolding. The option of a classic family board game was dismissively undertaken, and even here she frequented her phone beneath the table.

Such a sight truly saddened me. Has the era of playing outside, trading cards and even simple monopoly been replaced by a generation of silent children mindlessly indulging in modern technology, rather than the company of one another? I think back to my childhood, where the birth of the internet was but a frivolity for the adult world to obsess over. Of course there was some technology, with games consoles still on the rise from their primitive 1980’s states, but again these were merely additions to a life of toys and the outdoors, football, climbing trees and socialising with physical human beings, rather than a photo pinned to a website. I find myself wondering if children even understand the joys of toys and imagination today, or if they must rather have some conglomerate company in America create their worlds for them.

What frightens me ever more so is that this is only a worsening trend. Continue reading